1. I recently published a game project I’ve been working on. It’s called Pocketfall. It’s a quick action free mobile game for iOS. It comes from my desire to learn more mobile development, advance my game development skills and to finish something.

    It’s been a while since I’ve released something that I created myself and feel confident about. I know I’m not the only one with this, but It’s a creative itch that hits me a few times a year. It’s the ultimate drive to create something from nothing; something handmade, handcrafted, sculpted, cared for. Sometimes I can’t scratch this itch, so over time the feeling builds up until I can’t handle it any longer and I need to release it. The last thing that fulfilled my creative desires was Echoshade, this is a puzzle game for PC that I developed last January (2013). I got a lot of positive response but didn’t make much success from it; that wasn’t the point. My creative skills increased, I felt release and it was done. On to the next.

    My creative spark comes from two different hobbies or creative mediums. Game Development and Film. I have other hobbies, but they don’t give me the type of satisfaction that my brain requires. One side of my mind is very technical. I want to use numbers and program those 0’s and 1’s to achieve an output on those pixels that is pleasing to me. The other side of my brain is visual and cinematic. I view the world as if it’s a movie, I’m the lead character. I even think of my eyes as a camera, shifting focus to make those wonderful depth of field shots. Then I come back to reality and remember that it’s not a film, this is real life and become depressed (HA).

    PocketRoyale was the initial name for Pocketfall, but I figured there isn’t really a battle royale going on, so I changed it to something else. I developed the game in just under 2 weeks. In that time I refreshed my Objective-C skills and learning SpriteKit as I went. The result was kind of a mess, the code crazy unorganized, but everything worked.

    Pocketfall has been on the market for 3 days, and I already want to start something new. My creative itch has come back already. This time I want to tell a story, something relatable to everyone and myself. I believe this is the key to getting complete satisfaction from something you put a lot of effort into. If you give something your ALL, you want others to feel something in return. You can achieve this with interactive media (games) or film. I think I’m done with Game Development for a while, not forever, but I want to make something that you can feel emotionally. I want to create a film.

    Download Pocketfall now, before I enable iAds in and ruin it completely!

  2. Sunny Seattle

  3. Crowded Streets

    Crowded Streets

  4. Shoelace


  5. Record store

    Record store

  6. Audio/Video


  7. Blue Silhouette

    Blue Silhouette

  8. Music and film are a powerful combination.

  9. A few more pics from the Telekinesis concert.



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